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Law Office of Angelica S. Lee, PLLC has dedicated its practice to representing injured clients throughout the Northern Virginia area due to another’s negligence or recklessness. With compassion and personalized representation, our firm will zealously advocate for your rights.  Whether you have suffered injuries in a car accident, animal attack, or as a pedestrian, we have the expertise to guide you to recovery and compensation.

The road to recovery is a long one, let us help you secure the compensation you are entitled to. Because every personal injury claim is unique, as is the injuries and severity of each injury, the medical treatments a client receives may be vastly different from victim to victim, even victims in the same crash. Be sure to get the medical treatments as recommended to you by your physician and be cautious of making assumptions that you can “sleep off” any pain you are feeling.

From Our Clients

“Ms. Lee is a very excellent lawyer. She listened to my needs completely and helped me to win the court case. She is wonderful.” Client

“I hired Angelica Lee as my attorney early this year. I was involved in a car accident where a vehicle rear-ended into my stopped vehicle. I was injured during the accident and went to the emergency room. I contacted Angelica the next day and she immediately took me in for a consult. She was very caring and patient as I explained my situation to her. I was able to get medical attention.” Client

“Being represented but Angelica for my motor accident was a great experience! Things were settled smoothly, and she even helped me to get a better settlement than what was offered! I had little worries during the process. Would absolutely recommend Angelica.” Client

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A personal injury lawsuit can be very complex to handle, but not every case requires legal representation. Some simple cases can be handled on your own with little research and work. Depending on the severity of your injuries and the complexity of how the crash occurred, you may be able to obtain a compensation that is equal to what an attorney can recover for you. For an honest assessment of your case, give us a call at 703-884-8100 for a free consultation.

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